5 Tips to Help With Your Motorsport Logo Design Concept

So, you’ve found yourself in a position where you need to come up with a new Motorsport logo design concept. You know you have the artistic talent, but you haven’t really considered what things you should factor in when designing one like the big brands do. There’s a lot more that goes into the process than most people would initially think. This lack of knowledge is the reason behind so many terrible ones that just seem to suck so bad. We’ve all seen them. The ones that make you wonder what on earth was the artist thinking and even more baffling, who approved it. This article is designed to help you avoid that disaster. Here are 5 simple tips that will help you with developing a perfect logo Motor Sport fans are sure to love.

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#1. Understand Your Brand

Understanding your brand might possibly be the most important tip anyone could ever give you when it comes to making your design. You should know your brand in and out. What message or image does the brand want to convey? A logo is a brand’s visual representative. Should it convey a message of sleek and sophisticated? Or should it make people think of something that’s wild and bold? It’s almost impossible to get a design concept right without first being aware of how the brand wants to be portrayed. Also, the brand’s demographic should be noted. Who are the people that would make up the brand’s ideal fans? We’ll elaborate a bit more on this in tip 2.

#2. Research Your Audience

This is probably one of the most over looked steps but arguably, one of the most important. Since you’re trying to design a concept for a specific sport, wouldn’t it make sense to make one that’s appealing to people who are fans of the sport in the first place? Simple logic, right? A lot of times, people tend to attach themselves to brands that they somehow relate to. When you base your design on the type of things your audience would like, as opposed to only incorporating your own personal likes, you’ve already gotten your concept off on the right track.

#3. Be Mindful of Colors

There is an expression in world of design: “Color is Key.” There have been countless times when a potentially great design ended up being a complete failure simply because of the colors. The designs were simply amazing, but the colors just bought them down. Understanding what kind of psychological effect certain colors have on people can greatly assist you in designing something the world will remember. Here are a few well know colors along with their perceived meanings:

· Red: Bold, Alert, Energetic

· Blue: Trustworthy, Calm

· Green: Growth, Organic

· Yellow: Caution, Optimistic

· Orange: Friendly, Creative

· Purple: Love, Passionate

· Black: Leadership, Powerful

· White: Pure, Innocent

#4. Study Other Logos

Studying other logos is an amazing way to help create the perfect logo design. Doing so allows you to easily discover what works. Have you ever noticed that fast food restaurants always use a lot of bright colors in the designs, whereas fine dining restaurants tend to use a lot of earthly colors in theirs? Well, fast food restaurants know that those colors give their customers a rushed feeling psychologically. They want to get them in and out as fast as possible. On the other hand, fine dining restaurants use of earthly tones give their customers a relaxed, calm feeling that makes them want to take their time and enjoy their meal. In the motor sport field, what logo designs are popular? Is there something they have in common? Finding out and implementing it in your concept might just be what enables you to make your Motorsport Logo Design just as good as theirs.

#5. Be Unique

We know this one seems like an obvious one, but it’s still worth mentioning. Just because we said to study other designs, base them on your audience likes, and the message your brand wants to convey, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a touch of YOU into it. There is nothing more unique than yourself. Don’t be afraid to add it in as well when you start creating.

So, there you have it. There are numerous other tips out there that’ll help in creating an amazing concept as well, but utilizing these 5 are certain to help you come up with a memorable one. Follow them closely.

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