A few examples of ready lego robotics

Nowadays it feels like the vast majority of things kids like to do with their time doesn’t include anything educational. It seems like life is all about videogames or watching TV, playing on the iPad and not doing anything particularly constructive with that time spent online. However, if you think your kid isn’t doing enough to challenge their mind, it may be time to consider buying them more complex Lego sets. Lego is well known for not only being really fun for everyone of all ages, but also for teaching kids useful skills that they can use later in life and also to build their knowledge and increase their love of learning.

Lego Education works with the design teams to ensure that they are not only designing cool sets and items, but ones that really maximize children’s potential and help teach them effective skills to tackle the future both in school, work and in daily life.

So what can this robot do? Anything really! It can walk, drive, slither, spin, and even shoot; the options are really infinite. This may sound fantastic, so how does it actually work? There are a few steps to get your child started. The first step is to build your robot! There are various robot models to choose from and they all come with instructions and programming missions. After your child has selected and finished building their robot, the next step is to bring the robot to life by using the EV3 Programmer App. Through the App, you can make the robot do whatever action you want

This guitar Lego playing maschine was build :

  • Intelligent brick
  • 2x L motors
  • 2x M motors

In order to successfully build the robot, there are a few things your child will need. You can use either Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh. If you’re using Microsoft Windows, you’ll need Windows XP (32-bit only) and Vista (32/64-bit) as well as a Windows 8 desktop mode. For Apple computers, you’ll need at least Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8.

Regardless of what system you’ll be using, you’ll also need 2GB of RAM or more, 2GB of available hard-disk space and at least one available USB port.

This Lego Midstorms EV3 Experience is a great tool for children to have fun while also building their knowledge and growing their mind. It’s fun, interactive and can be enjoyed by the whole family and even within groups of friends. Nothing will feel so miraculous and accomplished as your child (and you) will feel when this robot is finished and kicking (literally!).