Nintendo 3DS is one the most popular handheld consoles of all time, and as a matter of fact, its became iconic as the Game Boy and the PSP. And when a console offers best 3D-gaming experience along with features such as YouTube, Netflix, and others it will be definitely expensive and out of your reach. So for those of you who are unable to purchase the Nintendo Consoles or do not want to carry multiple devices, still want to play some of your most favorite games then we have a solution and its called nintendo 3ds emulator for android apk.

Often known as 3DS emulator android with bios, this emulator bring you the best Nintendo engines on your Android device and allow you to play some of the most popular console games. It’s a typical Emulator which is capable of running 3DS games. The Nintendo on your Android devices just like the way Android emulators for Windows which can run most of the android app on Windows platform.

As its still work in progress, regularly new versions are released with each one more stable and offering. Each time brings better performance and gaming experience than the previous one.

Why you need this nintendo 3ds emulator android for?

Watch this video and try not faint.


So this is the fundamental question that needs to be answered from the user’s point of view. We can point out the underlying reasons for you to have the emulator. Btw, i never was fun of COC.

· The Nintendo gaming console is too expensive as it costs about an average smartphone. So you are faced with the choice either to have a smartphone or the gaming console, and you have opted for the smartphone. Still, you can download this emulator and enjoy the gaming features console.

· It may have happened that you have the Nintendo console, but it becomes quite difficult to carry multiple devices at a time. So you can always have the nintendo 3ds emulator for android apk download on your device for non-stop enjoyment.

· Well lastly and this emulator is free and won’t cost you any bucks, so now you don’t have to think about investing in those expensive gaming consoles.

The reason to claim this emulator version apk!

So let us know that why more than 50 million have joined the family of Nintendo 3DS emulator apk. A simple emulator cannot be trusted by such large number of people who were a fan of Nintendo consoles, but it had offered some amazing features for its users. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Saving Games-: Let suppose that you are playing your favorite game and are in the middle of a crucial stage. But sudden something really important comes up, and then you have to close the game and walk away. If you are using this emulator then you can save a game and play it anytime later. Moreover, you can bring all the necessary files and game data from your 3DS.

2. Display: If you have a high-end device which better graphics capability then you can play games on higher resolution with better gaming experiences. Also, by the use of anti-aliasing feature, the games would look much realistic, and you are going to love that.

3. Multiplayer Gaming: Well most of the games are nowadays made for the multiplayer experience, so depending on the game you can play along with your friends and family online via a multiplayer feature of the application.

4. Latest Games: Most of the recent release for the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS can be played on this 3DS Emulator.

5. Better Audio: All the latest smartphones are equipped with better quality speakers, and excellent headphones and the audio quality of the app. It`s similar to that of consoles thus on mobile devices you get an amazing acoustic experience.

6. Virtual Reality: This is a very new feature, and some of the smartphones are pre-equipped with VR capabilities. Thus you can enjoy some of your favorite titles in the virtual world too.

What’s the best way to play nintendo 3ds games?

Well, there are many other emulators available in the market, but none of them work well with all the devices. There are chances that you may have tried such emulators and have become frustrated. So stop pulling your hairs as we are here with a best available emulator for your device. We are not exaggerating; indeed we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from gamers all over the globe.

Once you get this emulator, it’s for quite sure that you would be running here and there to find a charging socket or have to purchase a power bank as you can’t stop yourself from playing games until the battery of your device runs out. If you still don’t believe us, please try it yourself, and you’ll see what we were talking about.

Requirements for Nintendo 3DS android version:

For running Nintendo without any issues, you require the following things:

1. An Android smartphone or tablet with minimum 1.2 GHz dual core processor, minimum of 1 GB of RAM and better graphics GPU. Although quad-core processors are preferred for this but still app runs flawlessly on dual-core processor too.

2. 3DS emulators for Android APK file along with the BIOS if required by your device. This emulator version apk is available on website along with all the dependencies.

3. ROMs of the games which you want to play.

One you have all the things mentioned above then you are in business.

How to install ?

Well before installing the emulator you can thank our team for making this a simple one step process. Just click the download button below and just need to follow a few easy steps. After that, it’s just a matter of seconds, and the emulator will be downloaded on your Android device.

Once the installation process is completed, go ahead and click on the emulator icon on your device to launch the application and start playing your loved games.We will be happy to hear your thoughts